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Improved look, feel & content

It has been far too long since my last post, although I regularly kept my Facebook page updated.

I realized it was more than time to upgrade the layout, remove dead links and last but not least, update its content.

Job done ! It will hopefully looks better to you, especially thanks to this amazing photography I used for my blog’s header, courtesy of Barbara Duval, and feel clearer to navigate.

Finally, time to catch up on introducing this collaboration work I made with Deft Aphid. Enjoy !

Me playing “Exercice”

YouTube Preview Image

This video is a live performance of “Exercice”, one of my compositions featured on “Rue Portobello” album.
You can purchase it (free of my live mistakes !) from iTunes and many other online stores.
The sheet is available for free from the Sheet Music section of this blog, enjoy !

Me playing “Et Après”

YouTube Preview Image


Trying to keep up the momentum, I have just completed the sheet music for “Exercice”, one of the compositions featured on my album “Rue Portobello“. Download it for free here.
I must say this probably is the most classical style piece of piano music I wrote, very much inspired by Bach (if I may).
Hoping you will like how it sounds, I also tried to make it a bit more technical than what I usually compose: if are after fast pace, then “Exercice” should definitely be a fun exercise for you.

You can purchase my performance from iTunes here, and for convenience, I have uploaded a midi version of it so you can get a feel for the speed at which it should be performed.

Enjoy !

Hi All

It is my great pleasure to take my “blog opening” opportunity to give away the score for “Et Apres” for free;  just click on the following link : Et Apres.
“Et Apres”, is my first ever piano composition (drafted in 1995) and was used in Blueberry Garden, the 2009 Independent Game Festival winner.
Sorry it took so long to make it available to you : I will try to  be more disciplined about the remaining tracks…

Please do play it, make videos of you playing it, post them, share your thoughts ! Let me know in case you have questions about the score – note: I am not an expert in score writing, so despite reviewing it many times, some glitches may have slipped through here and there…